What Inside Book?

  • Relates to the teaching of yoga and the practice of mindfulness so you learn to let go of what doesn't serve you, be present, speak your truth and live with an open heart and mind.
  • Offers how to teach meditation, mindfulness and yoga from birth to toddlers, pre-schoolers and school age kids.
  • Provides numerous tools and ideas to effectively manage stress, get more energy, and practice self compassion with "mindful moment" meditations that you can easily implement into your day.
  • Guides pregnant mothers to keep a healthy body and mind, teaches new mums to take a break and how to have a calm "buddha" baby.

What Readers Say About Mother Om

Written from the heart, Leonie paints a vision of a better way to be in the world; a way that embraces gratitude, acceptance and peace, but best of all, Leonie understand what busy mothers need more that anything else, and that is self-compassion.
Sarah Napthali, Author - Buddhism for Mothers
"This is a beautiful book written for busy mums. Even if you are not into yoga, Leonie has some simple, effective ideas and strategies to help reduce stress and to be as grounded and present as possible in our chaotic world.
Maggie Dent  - Parenting Expert and Author
Mother Om is only parenting book I've ever read that truly inspired me to be a better mother, not only does it inspire you to be present in your child's life but it gives practical tips on how to achieve this goal. I am calmer, more grounded and both myself and my family are benefiting from the yoga techniques explained in this book.
Lisa Almond - Parenting and Features Writer

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How Can Mother Om Benefit Mums?

  • Enables mums to connect with themselves and their child in one mindful moment a day.
  • Help mums to become bond with their children and raise happy balanced kids.
  • Teaches mums to become more compassionate, present and content.
  • Guides mums to live every moment meaningfully and live life with gratitude and peace.


Silver medal award winner in the Living Now Book Awards in the USA

Endorsed by Sarah Naphtali author of Buddhism for Mothers

About the Author Leonie Percy

Leonie is a loving mother, passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher and author. Leonie is the founder of www.yogamamata.com and also www.leoniepercy.com. Yoga Mamata teaches mums how to mother in the moment, children kindness and resilience and keeps families connected.

Leonie has been practising yoga for over 15 years. Leonie combined her experience of going through a divorce becoming a single mother, degree in psychology and passion to keep families connected, to create her business Yoga Mamata. Leonie lives in Sydney with her son Lael and partner Jarkko. Leonie and Jarkko welcomed a beautiful baby girl called Luna – Joy in April 2015.

"This is a spectacular book"
Judges review.
Ranked 5/5.

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